The multi-resource scheduler allows you to schedule the current and future workload across the resources required to perform that work. You can use any one of three methods when scheduling jobs: forward finite, forward infinite and backward infinite. Once a schedule has been run, you can view the schedule by job, operation or resource. The process starts with the sequencing of the jobs to be scheduled. The system allows you to choose any one of six default job sequencing methods. You can override the existing job sequence using simple drag and drop techniques.

The required time and resources for each operation are recalculated each time a schedule is run. This guarantees “real time” accuracy. Schedule reports include a “Schedule By Department” which can be distributed to each department in the shop so they can see the scheduled workload for their machines.

Key Features:

  • A graphical resource availability calendar allows you to easily define when resources are available to be scheduled.
  • Unlimited exceptions to resource availability.
  • Our Multi-Resource feature allows you to specify that an operation requires more than one resource to be performed.
  • Forward Finite, Forward Infinite and Backward Infinite scheduling methods.
  • View a processed schedule by Job, Operation or Resource.
  • Define employee resources for setup and/or production.