Purchase Order Application

The Purchase Order Application is where you enter and track your purchases from your vendors. Each purchase order can have an unlimited number of line items and each line item can have an unlimited number of scheduled receipt dates and assignments. Each line item can be “assigned” to a job so you can easily see the jobs for which material has been ordered.

Inventory items can be received into inventory or received directly into a job. This eliminates the need to manually enter a receipt and issue transaction. Each receipt automatically updates the costs and quantities of the appropriate job or inventory files.
This application offers an easy to use Purchase Order Return program, which allows you to return received materials to the vendor. Each return can be specified as “rated” or “non-rated”. Rated returns are used in the calculation of the vendor’s performance rating. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited line items per purchase order.
  • Ability to specify inventory, outside service and miscellaneous line items.
  • Unlimited scheduled receipt dates per line item.
  • Unlimited assignments per line item.
  • Ability to specify a default economic reorder quantity for inventory items.
  • Receive materials and outside service line items directly into a job.
  • User defined return codes used to track vendor performance ratings.