Estimating & Quoting Application

This is where it all begins. You get an RFQ from a new prospect and you need to generate a quote ASAP. Shop Mate™ starts with a routing definition where the information required to make this new part is entered. Before you can quote a price you need to know your costs, and the routing definition is the key to accurate costing.

Key Features


  • Operation centric – Everything is related to either an in house operation or an outside service operation.
  • Unlimited operations, materials and miscellaneous items per definition.
  • Copy routings from a standard routing, a job routing or another estimate routing using “Same as; Except for” functionality.

Routing Costs

  • Automatic creation of estimate cost/qty tables from existing core files.
  • Markup costs and set minimum costs.
  • Change cost/qty tables at any time before / during / after calculations.

Estimate Calculation

  • Recursive component costing.
  • Unlimited number of calculated quantities per routing.
  • Calculate the same quantity multiple times using varied cost/qty or routing data for side by side comparisons.
  • Change the routing definition and/or the cost/qty tables during calculation.
  • ‘Quick Quote’ button automatically generates quote from calculations.


  • Integrated with estimate calculation.
  • Automatic retention of customer / prospect data.
  • Ability to save prospects in customer file.
  • Unlimited parts per quote.
  • Unlimited quantities per part.
  • Direct flow of data from quotes during sales order entry.


  • Define in house operations & outside service operations.
  • Specify Machine and/or Workcenter for in house operations.
  • Operation specific rate codes.
  • 13 run time UOMs including HRS.
  • Run time efficiency.Materials
  • Specify both raw materials and components.
  • User specified scrap percentage.
  • Unlimited UOM conversions per material.
  • Specify quantity required as qty/ea, qty/100 or qty/1000.


  • User defined employee and/or department.
  • Specify scope of requirement (setup, production or both).